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Extra Subst 3

Extra Subst 3: Create, edit and remove virtual drives on your computer. virtual drive - for example drive "R:\" and select "My Documents" folder. After that, in your system the drive "R:\" will appear in which your documents will be kept. To access your documents you just click the drive icon "R:\" and there is no need to look for it in a folders tree. Example 2: You can create virtual drives for any folders with which you work often. For example, you can create drive "M:\" for the folder with your musical files "d:\

bioiVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Dr Encrypt files and folders with biometrics virtual drives
bioiVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Dr

Virtual Drives on a computer and other external storage devices by simply scanning ones biometric. Using Biometrics means No Passwords to remember or have stolen. The bio-iVault drives appears just like a normal drive in Explorer, so you can create, edit and delete files and folders just as you would on a normal drive. The important difference is this drive is virtual, and is encrypting all information as it is added to the bio-iVault drive, which

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Extra Subst 4.7: Create, edit and remove virtual drives on your computer.
Extra Subst 4.7

virtual drives of your computer. Extra Subst creates virtual drives on the basis of selected folders. Physical drives remain unchanged and are not divided into additional partitions. Example 1: By default the folder "My Documents" is situated in the operational system "MS Windows XP" rather uncomfortably: "C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\" With the help of the program "Extra Subst" you can create a virtual drive - for example drive

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Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal 3.0: Create CD/DVD-images and use then in virtual drives or burn them to CD or DVD.
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal 3.0

virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and unlimited number of virtual CDs/DVDs. Create the images of all needed discs and work with several Audio, Video, Game, Data etc. CDs or DVDs simultaneously. Virtual CDs are just files on your hard disk - no possibility to loose, no dust, no scratches or rifts, no need to search for necessary CD title. You can also use virtual CDs and virtual drives via the network Exceed performance of physical CD/DVD-ROM - the reading

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VirtualDrive Pro 14.0: #1 CD/DVD/BD burner, copier & emulator
VirtualDrive Pro 14.0

VirtualDrive Pro CD/DVD/BD emulator converts CDs/DVDs/BDs into compressed images, or virtual CDs (VCDs), which can play in any one of up to 23 VCD drives. With VirtualDrive Pro, you`ll find a fast responsive result, quiet CD/DVD/BD playback, NO wear and tear on the drive, and complete freedom from physical discs. Keep your discs safe from loss or damage. The built-in virtual hard drive allows you to run games and applications up to 340 times faster

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Virtual Hard Drive Pro 2: Run files and applications in your computer`s memory - up to 340x faster!
Virtual Hard Drive Pro 2

Virtual Hard Drive Pro takes a portion of your system memory and creates a RAM drive, which functions like a physical hard drive, only with much better access rates. A RAM drive bypasses the system hard drive, which is the slowest part of a computer, to give your system an immediate boost. Files run up to 340 times faster, making Virtual Hard Drive Pro the program of choice for reducing server load and improving software performance.

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StarWind Virtual CD 5.5: Virtual CD extends your infrastructure by adding a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally
StarWind Virtual CD 5.5

Virtual CD from StarWind Software, Inc. allows you to create a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally to extend your computing infrastructure. A Virtual DVD-ROM emulation allows you to use virtual optical drives when and where you need them. Virtual CD from StarWind creates images of your optical media, so you can use them at any time without having the physical medium on hand.

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